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KAPOW! Books was created for the purpose of educating and inspiring children (and their parents) about wildlife. We believe all life is precious, including all the little critters roaming our planet.

KAPOW! Books does not sell directly to the public. Instead, you can only get our books from-and-by supporting your local animal rehabber. If they do not currently carry our books, just have them contact us. Their first 25 books are free!

Are You An Animal Rehabber?

KAPOW! Books is on a mission to help you raise money for animal rehabilitation.

We do this NOT by making a tiny 10% donation of our profits to you. We do this by providing you with high quality, kid-friendly books and products to resell, published specifically for animal and wildlife lovers. We do not sell our books directly to the public. We sell our products only through animal rehabbers at COST + $1. Your first 25 books are FREE, and you never pre-pay for product.

We donate the first 25 books to you to get started. From the sale of those books, you can place your next order (which again is just $1 over our cost). We refer to this as “multi-level giving”. Our goal is for every $1 KAPOW! Books makes, you generate $10-$15.

    • First 25 Books Are Free

      There is absolutely no cost to check out our products, and get started raising funds.

    • Price of Future Product is Simply Our Cost Plus $1

      We want YOU to keep the bulk of book profits. It’s our goal that you make $10-$15 for every $1 we make.

    • No Pre-Payments Ever

      Once you are ready for your second order, just let us know. Once those are sold, you can send us a check, and we’ll send you more books.

    • Why Are You Doing This?

      We have a passion for wildlife, and we appreciate the work that animal rehabbers do.

    • How Can You Afford To Do This?

      We had success with another business, and this is our passion now… to support animal rehabbers.

    What’s Unique About KAPOW! Books?


    Our illustrations are designed to excite and engage children to learn more about wildlife.


    Large bold print allow both children and adults to read easily.

    Kid-Friendly Wildlife Information

    All of our books include a “Guess the Wildlife” game which shows real life pictures of the wildlife featured in the book, as well as, answers to types of each.

    “Oh Hoppy Day!” Features…

    Wildlife Examples

    “What a lovely story, and what compelling art! I very much enjoyed the educational aspect, as well. Kapow’s good work and celebration of the natural world comes at a critical time, as it’s rapidly becoming so very important for we humans to be better neighbors to all of the animals in our environs.”

    – David Crawford, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Animal Help Now

    In Partnership with Animal Help Now –

    Mission: The Animal Help Now service, available at and through free iPhone and Android apps, leverages digital technologies to immediately connect people involved with wildlife emergencies and conflicts with the most appropriate time- and location-specific resources and services. Animal Help Now serves the entire United States.

    Quotes From Parents and Grandparents

    “Love the book! How you show friendship between humans and animals. How we are all part of the same world.

    I also enjoyed the back of the book where everyone that you love is there sharing the joy with the animals, and how you give tips and tricks about wildlife. Pictures are beautiful.

    Thank you. Keep writing. Cannot wait to see the next book about Sadie.”


    “Having grandchildren of my own, Oh Hoppy Day! was referred to me by a dear friend. I was immediately taken back by the excellent quality of the book, from cover to graphics.

    The story was engaging, not too short, not too long for a child. The characters were endearing, in fact our granddaughter adores them.

    Myself, I enjoyed the personal towards the end, from the family dedication to the educational activity at the back of the book.

    It’s for this, I’m writing my first referral ever for a book. I highly recommend it.”

    – Faith

    Join Us!

    Welcome! Here at KAPOW! Books we publish only children’s books and support animal rehabbers. We would love to keep you informed. Please join our email list. We promise not to SPAM you, or release your email address to anyone for any reason.

    Animal Rehabber Case Study

    Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition (TWRC)

    Location: Houston, Texas

    “Your book is one of our best-selling items here at the center! … People just LOVE your book, we’ve gotten nothing but sweet feedback.”

    – Anja Machado, Director of Operations at TWRC

    TWRC Sold
    0 Books

    In Just
    0 Months

    And We’re Just Getting Started! Our Goals for 2020 Are…

    To Sell
    Therefore Raising
    For Animal Rehabbers

    …Also we will be releasing a new book, “Sadie’s Purpose”, and a line of plush toys featuring Hallie, Sammie, and Sadie…